Wooden Roll Board

This wooden roller board provides a lot of fun with movement, which promises fast driving fun and a variety of play ideas. Whether sitting, kneeling or lying - the sturdy, tilt-resistant roller board makes every type of fun and trains incidentally physical strength and balance. The pulleys, which can also be turned quickly and easily horizontally, allow for quick changes of direction. Lateral indentations on the handles provide extra safety! With rubberized rollers for a quiet, floor-protecting ride.
The hole and handle slots also offer the possibility to attach a rope and pull the roll board along. This roll board is usable by itself or creatively as part of a whole course with other exercise toys from the "Adventure" line. The simple design and shapes and high amount of natural wood are easily integrated into any living room or nursery space. Also suitable for therapeutic purposes!
Exercise toys are absolute trend products and belong in every motor activity and exercise toy assortment. The roll board goes together very well with other products from the "Adventure" product line!

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