Wooden Rabbit Breakfast Board


Our breakfast board rabbit will not only make your little ones smile
on the face! There is a confetti mood in the morning for the whole family.

Finally they are back: our popular breakfast and
Cutting board! The cute animal shapes leave you happy and content in
start the new day. The boards are made of beech glue and
thick 2 cm thick. The actual usable area (without ears) is in
Diameter 23 cm and leaves you all kinds of space for cutting or serving.
The cute heart-shaped nose was lasered on the front
engraved. The back was engraved with a small owl cut logo.

Wood is a natural and organic material that requires special care
requirement. So that you have a lot of fun with our breakfast boards, note
please the following care instructions:

Please rub the board from all sides before using it for the first time
Sunflower oil and repeats the treatment at regular intervals.
Please avoid the dishwasher.
Please wash the board with lukewarm, running water and dry it
immediately afterwards thoroughly with a dry cloth.
Please avoid direct sunlight and heat.

Animal-style breakfast boards made from beech glue
Laser engraving on the front and back
Follow the care instructions

Beech glue

Usable area without ears: 23 cm
Total length with ears: 37 cm
Overall width with ears: 23 cm
Thickness: 2.0 cm


37 cm x 23 cm x 2 cm


Beech wood

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