The Unstoppable Letty Peg


Lettuce Pegg lives with her father, a policeman, and her mother who is a suffragette. Their worlds are about to collide and Letty will find herself in the middle.

The London protests are heating up and getting more violent so Letty’s dad books them a weekend away to protect them from danger. However, Letty and her mother both travel back for the march. Sadly, both Letty and her mother get injured during their escape. Letty watches as a small woman defends herself and protects Letty. This is Letty’s first introduction to to Jiu Jitsu, and she learns, amazed, how other suffragettes are using these skills to protect themselves.

Training with a group of ladies at the dojo, Letty acts as a messenger for them as they reach out to Letty’s mother. Feeling as though her family is being torn apart, Letty must come to terms with her parents separation, and issues at school with her teacher. Training in Jiu Jitsu has given Letty some new priorities and courage. She is making new friends and using her new skills to protect herself and her family.

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