Shape Fitting Game ''Apple''

Logic and skill will help these cheery caterpillars on their way through the apple! With this educational, vertical shape-fitting game, logical thinking, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and three-dimensional perception are all playfully trained without sacrificing any of the fun. When assembled correctly, this robust, brightly-coloured shape-fitting apple made of solid wood is a real decorative eye-catcher. Comes with felt leaf.
Since the caterpillars have different lengths and every apple slice has one fewer opening than the previous one, there's only one path all the way through! Here's a tip to solve the maze: one see of the apple core has a darker colour than the other and is in the same spot on each piece. This makes the correct insertion easier! Which caterpillar will be the first to find their way through the apple?
Just like a puzzle, but more interesting! Logisteck impresses customers at first sight and is the ideal addition to your motor activities assortment.

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