Push-along Toy Vacuum

£13.99 £23.90
For young and busy aspiring housewives and househusbands! This multifunctional wooden toy vacuum for children is a push-along toy and a role-playing toy in one. Appealing to all different ages, it inspires childhood fantasy during active role-play and motivates kids to take their first steps as a walking aid. For a realistic playtime experience, there's the fleece stripes which can "suck up" the dirt in the form of Velcro pieces. These coloured Velcro pieces are then stored safely in the vacuum bag with a velcro fastening. The rubber-finished wheels offer quiet rolling and prevent slippage.
After play, this toy household appliance can be stored standing up. The coloured Velcro pieces are easily visible. With this toy vacuum, kids will be well-equipped to give the house a good cleaning!
Children love to help out their parents with the household chorse! That's why toy vacuums for kids are hot sellers in role-playing assortments and popular customer magnets. Thanks to its multifunctionality as a push-along toy and role-playing toy, it's suitable for different age groups.

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