Minigolf Set ''Active''

Minigolf for everyone! This minigolf set made of FSC® 100%-certified wood in a modern design is a versatile and classic game that is equally suitable for golfers of all sizes thanks to the golf clubs with three different lengths. This set includes the classic minigolf elements such as ramps, see-saws, tunnels, and obstacles with which you can build your own individualised courses according to the players' age and ability. The soft balls give an added layer of safety. Comes with a bag for storage and transport.
Who can get the ball in the hole in the fewest strokes? In addition to challenging players' skill and concentration, this modern game of minigolf also demands accuracy and consistency and is a real guarantor of playtime fun all year round as an indoor and outdoor game. It's the perfect game for the whole family!
This minigolf set in a modern design is an ideal addition to the "Active" product group and belongs in every assortment of outdoor games.

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