I Don't Want To Be Quiet Storybook

One little girl just doesn't want to be quiet, until she learns how much fun she can have without making a sound--especially in the library.

I don't want to be quiet,
I'd rather be LOUD!
I want to be HEARD and
stand out from the crowd!

Sometimes it's hard to be quiet. There are drums to drum and hums to hum, drinks to slurp and burps to burp--so many loud and wonderful noises to make! So when this spunky little girl goes to the library, it's extra difficult to behave--until the entire room tells her to SHHHHHH. It's only then, as she discovers the wonders that live inside books, that she sees how much fun she can have in her own imagination--all without making a peep.

In this bright and playful rhyming picture book filled with vibrant, cheerful illustrations, readers learn the joy that is possible when we really stop and listen.

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